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Cosmic Sky

Across the Veil: A Live Spiritual Ask Me Anything Series



It can be difficult to make sense of the twists and turns of life. We can often gain critical insight into the circumstances of our lives by hearing from someone who can communicate across the veil into the spiritual and etheric dimensions. In this series, Leslie Ramos works with her spirit guides to provide guidance related to your questions about life, love, spirits, and the nature of existence. Please join us as we all continue to awaken, develop, and pursue lives in light, love and for the highest good.

Clicking the event link will take you to our Facebook page, where the LIVE stream will broadcast. You will have to be signed in to Facebook to watch!

The collective operates through a gift economy system. Your monetary gift funds our future development and helps to keep our work moving and reaching others in need. We welcome your contribution of $5-$20 for this event 

Leslie Ana Ramos is a 5th Generation medium, channeler, healer, and spiritual teacher. She has developed her clair senses to serve through light and with love in the practice of mediating communications between spirits (discarnate) and those living (incarnate souls). Through her heritage and values, she has become an active Spiritual instructor, Shamanic healer, Channeler and Medium. Leslie Ana is well-known for providing useful knowledge, spiritual tools and identifying the nature of core issues through her connection with her spirit guides and Cuadros espirituales (spiritual quadrants).

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