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For tax-deductible contributions via our fiscal sponsor, Welcome Project PA, please contact us to arrange.

Gift Economy

Pay It Forward

  • Educational courses offered by the Spirituality Collective are run solely on a donation basis as part of the Gift Economy.  

  • Students who find the offerings valuable are encouraged to contribute to the organization to support the general work of the Collective and future offerings.  

  • Contributions are voluntary.

  • After participating in one of our spiritual offerings, you will be asked to make a financial contribution to support future students. This is your opportunity to pay-it-forward. 

  • Instructors donate their time to provide this education to you. Please contemplate with gratitude the energetic gifts that you are receiving.

  • If asked for a contribution range, we will generally suggest a sliding scale based on the number of class sessions.  

  • Within any class there is a huge range in people's ability to pay.  If you find yourself blessed by the ability to contribute, we encourage you to pay on the higher end of the sliding scale.  For folks with limited means at this time, please pay on the low end of the scale.

  • Please also consider the value of this class continuing to be offered in the world. Your contribution helps make sure additional students can take this class in the future.

  • The decision to make a contribution and the level of contribution is entirely up to you.

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