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Leslie Ana Ramos

Jackie Cooper

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Several members of the Collective offer specialized spiritual reading and coaching services to help you make sense of the trials and tribulations of life in the 3-D world.  Readings can provide critical insight into your energetic blockages and karmic responsibility, and Spiritual Life Coaching sessions can help you to re-align with your divine plan.  


To schedule a private session, please reach out to 


As with most things in this world, you will resonate differently with different mediums. If you are drawn to a particular medium, trust your instinct, there is a reason for that. 

Leslie Ana Ramos has developed her clair senses to serve through light and with love in the practice of mediating communications between spirits (discarnate) and those living (incarnate souls). Through her heritage and values Leslie Ana has become an active Spiritual instructor, Shamanic healer, Channeler and Medium.


Leslie Ana is well known for providing useful knowledge, spiritual tools and identifying the nature of core issues through her connection with her spirit guides and Cuadros espirituales (spiritual quadrants).


Leslie leads the Mesa Blanca healing ceremony, and instructs both the Spiritism series and the Awakening the Heart Transcendence educational series.  To sign up for a personalized private reading or spiritual coaching session, register here.  Any questions, email us

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Jackie Cooper is a gifted artist, medium and spiritual seeker whose body of work is an artistic vision at a soul level.  Her multi-disciplinary approach is rooted in her deep connection to Nature, the Cosmos, and her own spirit guides. With more than 20 years of experience working with children and adults, Jackie has dedicated her life to healing herself and others through artistic mediumship. 

In addition to group spiritual art classes, Jackie offers Personalized Energetic Mapping Consultations which provide a visual representation of your personal energetic structure and identifies where you need to work energetically in order to progress spiritually.  To schedule a consultation, contact us at

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