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Healing Services / Events

Mesa Blanca

Earth’s Energy Wheel

Violet Fire Global Service

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 an intimate group gathers virtually in service for humanity to transmute and transform negative, distorted, stuck energy and transform it into light, love and healing.  The invoked energy is put in service to support the collective's work and mission, and the energetic ascension of humanity and Gaia.

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Mesa Blanca (White Table) refers to a shamanic ceremony of Caribbean spiritism. This ceremony utilizes the gifts of several mediums and channelers working together to connect to the spirit realm for the purpose of healing. All attending Mesa Blanca are given healing in accordance to their specific needs, through messages, clearings or guidance for the highest good of the individual.

This is an intense and impactful group healing event, meant to help you move along your own process where you might have been experiencing repeating negative patterns, stagnation and hopelessness.

We meet second Saturday of the month. 

Earth’s Energy Wheel meditations for planetary healing and ascension are led by Puertorican artistic medium Jackie Cooper. this interactive group process guides the integration of the higher vibrational energies that the earth is receiving through the elements.  The meditations are held on the markings of the changing of the seasons.  The 3-year meditation cycle was ceremoniously close on 2.22.22. 

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