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Ongoing Spiritual Offerings

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  • Mesa Blanca (White Table) refers to a shamanic ceremony of Caribbean spiritism. This ceremony utilizes the gifts of several mediums, channelers, and/or psychics, working together to connect to the spirit realm for the purpose of healing. They are then able to give messages, clearings or guidance for the highest good of the individual they are serving. All attending Mesa Blanca are given healing in accordance to their specific needs.

  • This is an intense and impactful healing event, meant to help you and move along your own process where you might have been experiencing repeating negative patterns, stagnation and hopelessness.

  • What takes place at Mesa is not an end, it is the beginning of a healing process. This is a life change; a commitment to work towards your highest good. In the days and weeks following Mesa, you will continue to experience changes in your energy field. This reintegration may cause additional shifts in you and your relationships with the people around you. We are happy to support you along this journey


Details:  The Spirituality Collective holds Mesa Blanca on the second Saturday (or Sunday, 

if necessary) of every month. We are seeing those in need either in person or virtually via video call. Each person sitting for healing will have a scheduled time to be seen by the mediums, as space and time are limited.

Cost: The collective operates through a gift economy system. Your monetary gift funds 

our future development and helps to keep our work moving and reaching others in need. Read more here.

Contact: If you believe you would benefit from this service, please contact us today to 

reserve your space for the next scheduled event at 

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