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Spiritism Series 2023


Through this 5-Part series, students will deepen their understanding of their own spiritual evolution and begin building a bridge between the spirit and material worlds. 


This immersive study of natural and divine laws will help students understand the opportunities for our soul’s healing and liberation through the conditions of our lives. 


The series explores the fundamentals of spiritism, and the journey begins with the Spirits Book.   

Know Thyself 

This series offers a wide range of courses designed to take different approaches to accessing our inner wisdom and better aligning our energies and efforts.


a sampling of historic courses can be found here, with new courses under development. 

This broad theme is a response to the reality that we all have unique ways of knowing, learning, and connecting.  each of us is vibrating at a different frequencies, in a constant state of attraction and repulsion. 

alignment of our mental, emotional, physical, and etheric bodies will assist us in our healing journey.    


Please visit our meetup page to see the latest offerings.   


Transcendence Toolkit Series

  • Are you feeling overwhelmed with life and unclear how to reconnect to your higher self and align yourself with your divine plan?    

  • This toolkit series is designed to help you reconnect with your inner cosmic wisdom through cultivation of the Transcendence Meditation.  

  • there are 4 separate courses in this Series.  each week builds from the previous as new tools are introduced to deepen your practice.  

  • This is an applied process structured as a 30-day challenge.

    • Part 1: Violet flame study pod

    • Part 2: Triple Flame & sacred heart chamber connection

    • Part 3: alchemy of the Healing merkaba

    • Part 4: Ascension flame 

  •  If your goal is inner transformation, we would be honored to share in this part of your path.  

Botanica Series

Spirituality Collective is so excited to bring you the Botanica Class Series. Traditionally, people would go to a Botanica to get the tools or materials necessary for their spiritual needs or practices. Today, Spirituality Collective brings you the Botanica Series for guidance and healing of you and your homes/work place.

During the Botanica series, you will receive an overview of how to use various spiritual tools. Classes will vary from learning how to clean and bless a home or office and the materials to use depending the type of energy that it is present.

Botanica Series will teach you how to effectively use materials like plants, herbs, candles, powders and spiritual prayers and protections for your different needs.  

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